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Women Owned and Led

More and more companies are beginning to understand the importance of working with minority-owned and women-owned businesses (WOB). And as a 100% women-owned and-led business, we couldn’t be happier to hear that.


Of course, it seems like kind of a “Duh” to us too.

After all, women and people of color do most of the consumer spending and social sharing. So why wouldn’t you want more women writers, designers, creative directors, and women-owned advertising consultancies and agencies to help you better reach those audiences? 

This is also one of the reasons we are so committed to mentoring other women creatives and partnering with other women-owned companies. 

By the way, we are also older women. Experienced. Wise. A bit bad-ass. With a few beautiful battle scars we’ve won along the way. And we’re not ashamed to admit our age.

Just ask. 

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You have a good product, a good service, a good charity, a good cause. However, it doesn’t do any good if noone knows about it or cares about it.


For that to happen, your brand must resonate.


SmallGood is on a mission to help you become a brand that genuinely means something to people. A brand that inspires them to act, share, buy, donate, and advocate.


Here’s our 3-step approach:

Learn more about how we build Resonator Brands.





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