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Institute for Nonviolence

Bringing a brand story to life and creating a campaign platform.


The Institute for Nonviolence Chicago works in Chicago’s most violence-plagued neighborhoods, creating long-lasting change using Martin Luther King’s principles of nonviolence. They mediate conflicts, lead workshops and run training on King’s approach to peace, help people find jobs, and run support groups for victims. They came to us because no one knows about their work because they haven’t told their story in a way that people can easily understand and rally behind.



Through the SmallGood discovery process, we uncovered a key insight: Whether you're likely to shoot or be shot, whether you’ve lost someone to gun violence, or you're someone on the periphery who cares about violence in Chicago, you all share a feeling of helplessness and hopelessness when it comes to ending the cycle of violence.


Born out of that insight and by MLK’s understanding that “we’re all caught in an inescapable network of mutuality”grew a newly defined purpose: The violence in Chicago affects all of us, but together, through the practice of nonviolence, we can dismantle violence and build a city that's more safe and just for all.

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Building off their existing logo, we developed a brand identity that is distinctive and bold. Next came a brand narrative, core messages with refined storytelling, and a new website. We've also created social media campaigns for them, including Like A King, and #TakeCareOfEachOfEachOther, to help them reach their community and donors during Covid, as well as custom templates so they can create their own organic posts.

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With a breakthrough voice, new identity and content templates, and campaign ideas, the team has been empowered to rally their community and donors. With these powerful tools they have been managing their social media channels and CRM, amplifying their good work, engaging their audiences, and broadening their fundraising. Through their efforts over the past year, they’ve seen impressive increases in both awareness and donations. 

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