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Aspen Digital

 Creating a brand to inspire accountability in the tech industry.  


In September 2022, Aspen Digital asked us to help launch a new initiative they were incubating. One created to help hold the tech industry accountable for real and measurable impact for their teams and consumers around diversity, equity, and inclusion.

After the murder of George Floyd in 2020, many tech companies made promises to step up their DEI efforts. But it was mostly lip service. Aspen Digital, working in collaboration with Snap Inc., was ready to help make sure those commitments came to fruition. To be successful, they needed a full brand strategy for the initiative, from positioning to name and identity. It needed to cover not only this incubation phase but also its future as an independent, standalone organization. And they needed it quickly since they planned to launch at the Snapchat DEI Innovation Summit in November.


Working closely with Aspen Digital’s diverse and highly collaborative team, our Resonator Brand Workshop brought key voices to the table and enabled us to craft an inspiring vision for them, “A just future built through inclusive innovation,” as well as mission and values statements.


We then set out to develop a strong yet descriptive name, Tech Accountability Coalition, along with a logo, brand positioning, visual brand identity, and overarching brand narrative. With those foundational elements in place, we also titled, designed, and helped craft accessible, inspiring language for the first resource they were offering the tech industry: Unbias the Future: An Equity Framework.


With the successful launch of the Tech Accountability Coalition and its influential Equity Framework, this budding organization is leveraging a strong and compelling brand that stands out among their peers while still remaining accessible and approachable to both the companies and communities with whom they will build a brighter future.

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