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Keep It Savory Salt Co.

Helping a small business with a passion make the world more savory in every way. 


Johanna Thompson, a creator of hand-crafted salts cured with fresh ingredients, was ready to take her business further. She asked SmallGood to help define her purpose and create branding, messaging, a Shopify website, and a social strategy. She needed support to grow her environmentally responsible enterprise committed to a business model that resisted the intentional racism and economic disinvestment in the west side of Chicago. 


We helped Johanna articulate her purpose – to create culinary salts that make every meal taste better while helping make our city better. We brought that to life with a new logo and brand identity expressed in packaging, on a new website, and through social media. We helped her tell her story in a way that made people want to buy her products and join her mission to embrace a savory life – "a life that tastes good and does good." Her belief that “food tastes better when everyone is at the table” became her mantra and rallying cry.


In the few short months since Keep It Savory Salt Co. had its official launch in October 2022, orders have been pouring in from individual customers and retailers. So have the accolades, including being featured in Time Magazine’s "Best of Culture 2022" and Tasting Table's "Food And Beverage Trends To Look For In 2023"

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