City Grange

Nurturing the birth of a brand while growing its investors and customers.


City Grange is an online store and a destination retail gardening experience. It was born from the insight that though people today love the idea of organic gardening, very few actually know how to do it. But they'd like to learn because what they deeply long for is a life that is simpler, greener, healthier, and more grounded in what really matters.

That's where City Grange comes in: a social enterprise that is removing all the barriers to urban gardening. They provide well-curated tools, products, plants, information, inspiration, and community so anyone can grow beautiful, healthy things right in their own backyards, rooftops, or in the empty lot around the corner. And we helped them articulate what they could truly mean in people's lives: helping everybody experience the revolutionary, life-changing joy of gardening.


SmallGood built off the promise that “United We Blossom,” and brought this story to life through a logo and brand identity, investor materials, website, packaging, signage, brochures and social media.

Logos, sub-brands, business cards, emails, investor and brand materials all tell the story in a differentiating and compelling way while reflecting the modern nostalgia that is the essence of the brand. 

Online brand toolkits and design templates were created so that social media content was turnkey and easy for them to implement on their own. Even the retail design leveraged the Brand Identity on the interior and exterior.


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