Refreshing a long-standing brand and making it relevant for millennials.

KidSnips is a kids-first, mom-owned (WOB) business founded by a couple of women who wanted to create a fresh alternative to traditional hair salons - a place where the stylists loved kids and knew how to cut kids’ hair. A salon where a parent or caregiver could get a great haircut too, and maybe pick up a toy or a great hair care product...and check a few things off the to-do list.

For twenty years, the business has steadily grown, but they felt their brand and marketing had not kept pace. They wanted to reach today's parents in a more relevant way. So, SmallGood worked with them to articulate their meaning: At KidSnips, we believe in keeping childhood - and haircuts - fun for everyone. From there, we updated their brand identity and key messaging. 

We then shed light on the good they were doing, but not getting credit for - making haircuts an awesome experience for all kids - including the wiggly, squiggly, scared ones, and kids with special needs. Also on their charitable work, supporting organizations that support kids and families.


And in these days where there's so much pressure on parents to be perfect and kids to grow up too fast, we helped KidSnips become a source of inspiration, information, and reassurance for busy moms and dads. Through blogging and social media campaigns, we provided welcome advice for Millennials on how to keep things fun, for everyone.


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