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Brand Narrative and Identity

What’s your story? How are you expressing your meaning and purpose in the world? Brand storytelling isn’t just a “nice to have” these days. Your brand expression makes people care more about your cause, your product, or service. It affects your likeability and can impact your profitability. A 2016 Harvard Business Review study found that the top 10 most empathetic companies increased in value more than twice as much as the bottom ten and generated 50 percent more earnings. 

At SmallGood, we help you tell your brand story through words and design, tone and style. All in a way that is a true expression of your brand and will break through the clutter and connect with the people that matter most for you. From elevator speeches to website design and copy to PR pitches, we help you create a cohesive, consistent, and distinctive presence in the world.

Learn more about our approach, Positive Impact Marketing, and our other services:

+    Brand Narrative
+    Brand Manifesto
+    Elevator Speeches
+    Core Messaging
+    Brand 1-Pager
+    Competitive Design Audit
+    Brand and Subbrand Logos
+    Brand Identity
+    Brand Book / Style Guide
+    Brand Tone + Voice Guide
+    Website Messaging + Design
+    Branded Content Creation

Here are some case study examples of these services used for SmallGood partners.

Narrative + Identity Services
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