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About Us

SmallGood is founded and led by women. We are proud of the fact that we are one of the 1% of agencies in this country run by women. It's an exclusive club, but we wish it wasn't.

So we are committed to mentoring women. And because women of color have even less representation we are dedicated to diversity. Because how can we create messages that speak to all, if all our voices aren't speaking? 


We are a distributed agency location agnostic -  and therefore able to expand and contract based on client needs. This keeps the size of the team right, the overhead low and accessibility and flexibility high.

Learn more about why we started our company here and what it takes to succeed as a woman in business here.


If you are interested in supporting women of color, download our Antiracism Resources here.

Our Team

Our Team

With deep experience doing marketing strategy and creative for Fortune 100 and 500 brands, we’re dedicated to making work that resonates, touches nerves and inspires action.  


Lenora Rand


Lenora is a writer who gets people, cares about craft and building brands. Lenora has worked extensively across shopper, digital, social and traditional media. A constant learner, she loves words and respects the power of ideas to inspire, enlighten, challenge and change. In her spare time she blogs, coaches, writes songs and leads personal development workshops.


Tanya Bennett

Strategy Lead



Tanya loves questions and has made a career pursuing unconventional answers. She’s an explorer. Eternal optimist. Curious. Ever ready to tackle big brand problems by melding creativity, media, technology, and data. She has 20 years’ experience building purpose-driven brands for global Fortune 500 companies. Today, Tanya is passionate about applying creativity, insight and storytelling to inspire positive change.

Richard Mayo, Strategy, Chicago, Advertising, SmallGood Advertising, SmallGood Marketing, Branding, Meaning, Purpose, Marketing

Richard Mayo

Account Associate



Richard is all about bringing together business, creativity and positive change.  At University of Nevada / Las Vegas, he majored in Business Administration / Marketing while helping a number of small businesses with advertising and social media. He is currently working on completing his MDiv at Chicago’s McCormick Seminary. Richard is also a full-time foodie and enjoys traveling, music, social media and comedy.

Shari Neal, Social Media Strategy, Chicago, Advertising, SmallGood Advertising, SmallGood Marketing, Branding, Meaning, Purpose, Marketing

Shari Neal

Writer + Designer



Shari got her journalism degree from the University of Missouri and then decided to teach herself how to code. Since then she's worked as a web developer, designer, and started an online t-shirt shop. After the birth of her daughter, she started writing for brands, focussing on social media and websites. She also blogs about everything from personal empowerment to cooking, including a regular mom’s YMCA blog. 

Mylene 2021 B and W Glasses IMG_9179-1_e

Mylene Pollock


Mylene is a designer who loves strategy, and a visual thinker who loves storytelling. She has extensive experience elevating Fortune 500 brands, but nothing makes her happier than bringing that knowledge to smaller, mission-led businesses. In case you’re wondering, Mylene is a French name pronounced Mee-len. You’ll find she responds to all variations on the theme.

Allison_SG_Blue copy_edited_edited_edite

Allison Guarino

Operations Lead



Allison believes a little organization goes a long way and she has proven that time and again in her twelve years in client service operations at big ad agencies. Now she’s using her “get it done, beautifully, on time and on budget,” mentality to help SmallGood deliver on time and budget for our clients. When she’s not wrangling spreadsheets, timesheets and deadlines, she is wrangling her very energetic toddler.


Pippa White

Design Lead

Pippa has worked as a designer and art director at the Martha Stewart company, Ann Taylor and Leo Burnett. She has refined and elevated brands like P+G, Hallmark, Kellogg's, Pfizer,  KitchenAid, and Whirlpool. Pippa brings fresh thinking and a creative eye to the SmallGood team and nonprofits across Chicagoland. In her free time, she volunteers as a gardener in Buttercup Park and does a ton of yoga. Namaste!

IMG_3906 B&W_edited.jpg

Caleb Leman

Search Marketing Lead



Caleb knows first hand the power of digital as a tool for creating positive social value. He manages organic and paid search marketing across a variety of industries and organizations. He specializes in Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and SEO, and received a bachelors in Business Administration from University of Illinois at Chicago. He is currently pursuing a Master of Divinity at Chicago's McCormick Seminary.

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