A Giving Heart Foundation

Nurturing a young brand with narrative, messaging and identity.

This Foundation was started by the Berk family after their newborn was born with congenital heart disease (CHD). They learned that 1 in 100 kids are born with CHD every year and 30% of them will require invasive heart surgery at a very young age. Yet 99% of the heart research funding was going to adults.


So they formed AGHF with a clear mission: help eliminate the need for invasive heart surgery in kids and help provide the extra physical and emotional support kids born with CHD require – many of whom were spending way too much time in hospitals and not enough time just being kids.


With a basic logo and website and an annual fund-raising event, they’d had some success, but their donor base was small - mostly friends and family - and not really growing. AGHF came to us for help developing their brand, expanding their reach and awareness and inspiring more support for this worthy cause and organization.


We helped them define and prioritize their audiences and used our Resonator Brand process to articulate why their brand matters and what it could mean for people. What became clear was how strongly anyone who’s ever been a parent, caregiver or guardian feels about the importance of childhood.

Out of that insight grew our meaning: Every kid has a right to experience the growing, learning, playing, brave, silly, curious, messy joys of childhood. AGHF exists to help CHD kids have the childhood they deserve.

With this new Brand Meaning articulated we developed a Brand Narrative with core messages for their priority audiences and media storylines, as well as a Brand Identity that stood out from the sea of red-hearted sameness they were in. We brought this new messaging and identity to life on their website and in their social media spaces, giving them a much-needed rallying cry and communication consistency.

We also developed a multi-platform, multi-channel marketing plan that was built on a data and insight-driven approach to reach priority audiences. We helped them launch their first donor email campaign and then tested a new donor acquisition media plan through a digitally-based fundraising campaign. 


With these strong foundations in place and learnings in hand, A Giving Heart Foundation is set up to grow their very personal mission into a strong foundation with reach and impact.


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