Building a challenger brand that stands out with meaningful engagements.


This social enterprise start-up buys houses and customizes them for people with disabilities. They are a B2B company, offering their customers (caregiving companies) a full-service real-estate solution - from home building and customization to leasing and property management.


They were the new kids on the block in a crowded field and it was hard to see at first what made Nestidd different. So the SmallGood team helped them discover their real meaning: Nestidd supports people with disabilities and those who care for them. This reframed their mission from supporting the IDD community and their caregiving customers to including the DSPs (direct service providers) who provide the care on a day to day basis. The DSPs are grossly underpaid for the important work they do, which results in tremendous turnover and inconsistent care for the people living in their homes. It's given Nestidd a rallying cry that is authentic, distinct and emotional.

Then we gave them an identity and messaging that would differentiate them in the marketplace.

We created a logo that was modern and as warm and welcoming as home and a brand identity that was bold and optimistic while also solid and trustworthy. 

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Brand materials and social media content speaks to functional benefits, the brand beliefs, and the brand meaning to resonate with caregivers’ deep concern for the people under their care. 

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Conference materials included the standard materials and also provided a targeted launching pad for Nestidd's #ThankADSP program, a way for the brand to show its solidarity with direct service providers (DSPs), the unsung heroes who provide daily care for people in the IDD community. 

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