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Children's Advocacy Centers of Pennsylvania

Creating a cohesive brand to build awareness and advocacy. 

Children's Advocacy Centers of Pennsylvania (PennCAC) is a nonprofit membership association of over 40 local Children’s Advocacy Centers (CACs) throughout the state. PennCAC supports the local CACs working on the front lines with kids who’ve experienced sexual abuse and trauma. They also boost awareness of the issue of child abuse and advocate for change at a state level.  


However, since they began in 2007, they’d never had a meaningful identity or narrative. They knew that to increase their fundraising and advocacy efforts, it was time to do so.

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Through an audit process and our Resonator Brand Workshop, we garnered insights and helped them quickly align on a powerful purpose: to protect a child’s right to their best tomorrow. From this, we developed a cohesive brand narrative, logo, and identity, one that engaged people with a compelling combination of head and heart. We then built a new website, helping make their mission clearer and more emotionally engaging. 


We have continued to partner with them on fundraising, awareness, and advocacy campaigns – providing ongoing creative and strategic support as well as media and analytics.

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The new brand identity, website, and campaigns have strengthened their visibility and impact. Recent campaigns have driven 90% more users to Facebook and Instagram, and site visits by new users increased by over 70%.

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