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Get the


social impact 

marketing team

you need—

minus the salary.

What you’re doing really matters. But too often the expertise, bandwidth, and budget of your in-house marketing can hold you back. We get it.


At SmallGood, we are purpose-driven and have a passion for making a positive impact in the world. Women-owned and women-run, we also have the experience, wisdom, creativity, and scrappiness needed to get things done—all while keeping expenses and workload manageable for your organization.


From vision to branding and campaigns to production, we help you make the difference you’re striving for.  

We're gifting
FREE one-on-one growth sessions to start expanding your impact.

Admission fee for this course is $10

So excited to get to know each other! We'll be in contact shortly to find a time to meet that works for you.


With deep experience doing marketing strategy and creative for Fortune 100 and 500 brands, we’re dedicated to making work that resonates, touches nerves and inspires action.   

Mylene Pollock

Mylene is a designer who loves strategy, and a visual thinker who loves storytelling. She has extensive experience elevating Fortune 500 brands, but nothing makes her happier than bringing that knowledge to smaller, mission-led businesses. In case you’re wondering, Mylene is a French name pronounced Mee-len. You’ll find she responds to all variations on the theme.


Lenora Rand

Lenora is a writer who gets people, cares about craft and building brands. Lenora has worked extensively across shopper, digital, social and traditional media. A constant learner, she loves words and respects the power of ideas to inspire, enlighten, challenge and change. In her spare time she blogs, coaches, writes songs and leads personal development workshops.



We work with nonprofits and social enterprises in Chicago and across the country. The one thing they have in common? They want their organization to make a positive impact. You might call them our clients. We call them partners and together we make no small plans. 

SmallGood was a tremendous help to us in our local community fundraising efforts. From branding to strategy and then a full-fledged fundraising campaign, they bonded with our team and got going.

The process was smooth and well-managed, helping us launch a campaign in just three and a half months that met our fundraising goal.

Exceptional talent, phenomenal people.


SmallGood won me over with their creativity, brilliance, and compassion for my social enterprise. They created a brand I'm extremely pleased with through a process that has been energizing and efficient.

I’ve worked with a lot of agencies in my day and never experienced such a caring, talented team. I recommend them to everyone who admires our brand–and there are many.


Partnerships like this are rare–

I consider SmallGood an extension of my leadership team.



We shared the new logo, branding, strategic messaging and materials SmallGood created with some of the biggest fish in the "IDD pond." They were all impressed and many have hired us or are very interested in working with us. 


The work from the SmallGood team has been a great launching pad for our company and successfully differentiated us in our entrenched and competitive marketplace. 



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Clarify your vision and purpose to focus and accelerate your impact.


Build an identity that inspires people to act, donate, and advocate.


Tell a consistent, compelling narrative across key platforms.


Creative campaigns that increase engagement and donations.

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